WILD Design Awards for 2024

We are honoured to have been recognised at the Better Future Wild Design Awards 2024 and the winning Silver in the Product Design – Commercial and Industry category. This award celebrates creative and innovative design that is courageous for either a component or overall product. The awards create future recognition from past projects. The projects in the WILD Design Awards are sourced from the BETTER FUTURE regional, design capitals and sector award programs - representing an unparalleled collection sourced from the world's largest network of design awards.


The WILD Design Awards for 2024 are composed of award nominations from the following regional and design capital programs; AUSTRALIAN Design Awards 2024 - PARIS Design Awards 2024 - BERLIN Design Awards 2024 - MILAN Design Awards 2024 - GOV Design Awards 2024, plus a special set of wildcard nominations directly into the awards. The Better Future Awards proudly recognise courageous, diverse and excellent design across the globe.

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Innovators of an Industry

Our Lorena Gaxiola + Feltex Collection has been designed and curated in collaboration between Lorena Gaxiola and our in-house design team. Drawing from a diverse range of creative disciplines, this exclusive and unique collection poses to add vibrancy and life to commercial interiors. We are extremely proud to have been recognised as innovators within the industry and to work alongside inspirational designers to do so. 

“Each piece in this exceptional collection is meticulously crafted, blending captivating colours, luxurious materials, alluring textures and innovative shapes. The result is a harmonious composition that effortlessly infuses vibrancy and vitality into any space, delivering an unparalleled visual experience.” – Lorena Gaxiola

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Authored date: 13/06/2024