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Supporting Dreamtime Flooring, means supporting a 100% Indigenous business

Here at GH Commercial, we are a proud partner of Dreamtime Flooring, bringing the work of their artists to life with our local manufacturing technology right here in Geelong, Victoria. Together, we work to support Dreamtimes vision of sharing Indigenous culture and artwork for future generations.

Dreamtime Flooring was born in 2022 from a deep aspiration drawn from director, Josh Haddock’s connection to Indigenous culture, this is the essence of Dreamtime Flooring: the missing link connecting culture, artwork and flooring. This can only come from engaging with a 100% Indigenously owned business-like Dreamtime Flooring. Josh being a Yorta Yorta man raised in Morwell, VIC on Gunai Kurnai Country himself, wanted to create a business that celebrated the Indigenous culture through flooring while engaging with other Indigenous businesses, helping to streamline income back into Indigenous communities.

For generations, Indigenous people have shared culture through stories and artwork. At Dreamtime Flooring, Indigenous heritage is drawn from to celebrate this rich culture through the flooring medium in the hopes of preserving those stories for our future generations.

Dreamtime's mission is to have as many buildings as possible for current and future generations to see Aboriginal ancestry and culture with a particular focus on public buildings: Government, council, schools, libraries and galleries. Their intention is not only focused around sharing their culture with generations to come but also to engage these future generations with employment opportunities, apprenticeships and traineeships, as they believe it is a vital step into raising a talented, educated Indigenous community with the footprints to walk towards the future.

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Custom Solutions with Dreamtime Flooring

If you are looking to inject Indigenous culture into your next project, the Dreamtime Flooring team will work with you and one of their Indigenous artists on concept and design, right through to delivery of your final carpet. These custom creations are manufactured on our Designer Jet® technology, using precision engineering to inject the dye into the carpet, offering a flexible, creative and performance driven carpet solution. With infinite colour possibilities, your vision and story will shine and speak to generations to come.
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Directors Quote

Joshua Haddock – Dreamtime Flooring
Inking this contract isn’t just about signatures on paper. For me, it’s a profound connection to my roots, a pledge of honour to the legacy of my ancestors and safeguard the precious tapestry of Indigenous culture that weaves through our communities.

As someone deeply rooted in the Indigenous heritage, I’ve witnessed the struggle to preserve our traditions. This contract is recognition that our culture isn’t just a commodity; it’s our identity, our history, and our future.

Looking back, I see the missteps of the past, where others failed to grasp the understanding. GH commercial comprehends not just the “what”, but the “why” of our cultural richness. It’s more than economic prosperity; it’s empowering our youth and building a bridge to a future where our traditions thrive.

This contract signifies more than a business deal. It’s a dream of a future where they can walk proudly in the footsteps of their forebears, embracing their heritage without fear. It’s a commitment to donate, not out of obligation, but out of love – touching the lives of Indigenous people far beyond the boundaries of our community.

I stood before a corporate giant and was heard. It’s a victory not just for me but for every Indigenous voice. It’s a spark of inspiration for our community, a reminder that persistence and passion can indeed pave the way for change.

This contract represents the evolution of GH commercial. A shift from mere business strategies to heartfelt responsibility. For me, it’s a hope that this step forward ripples across the corporate world, awakening others to the richness of First Nations cultures and appropriate engagement.

On a personal note, it’s a promise to my community, to preserve our art, and to create a haven where every Indigenous person feels a profound sense of belonging. Through the creation of culturally safe spaces, it’s not just ink on paper, it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of my people.